2019 Post-Budget Analysis

One of the first priorities of the governor and state legislature at the start of a new legislative session is to draft and enact a two-year budget bill for the state of Ohio. The biennial budget is the most important legislation to the operation of our state government, and it is a reflection of the state’s priorities and values.

After months of work, and weeks of delay in passing a final budget bill during conference committee negotiations, the House and Senate passed House Bill 166, the two-year state operating budget. The Legislature sent it to the governor shortly before the extended deadline on July 17, and he has since signed the bill into law.

The Ohio Women’s Public Policy Network, alongside our coalition partners, advocated for a budget that supports, prioritizes, and invests in women and their families. In this report, we have reviewed how the final budget bill aligns with our top ten budget priorities for Ohio women and families.

Post Budget Analysis