State Budget Analysis


The state operating budget is one of the most important pieces of legislation undertaken by the state legislature and the governor. It impacts the quality of life for women, children, and families, and it is a true reflection of our state lawmakers’ priorities for the state.

The global pandemic and accompanying catastrophic economic crisis of the last year made this an unprecedented budget cycle. At the forefront of these crises stood the reverberating call for racial justice and equality, as Black and Latinx women continue to experience the ramifications of the pandemic at a disproportionate rate.

Following months of work and deliberations, the Ohio House and Senate passed a final version of the state budget (House Bill 110). The bill was then sent to the governor for his signature, and it was enacted into law on July 1, 2021.

The Ohio Women’s Public Policy Network, alongside our coalition partners, advocated for a budget that supports, prioritizes, and invests in women and their families. In the following report, we have reviewed how the final budget bill aligns with our priorities for Ohio women and families.

Post Budget Analysis