The deadline to reauthorize funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) was September 30th, but Congress failed to take action. And a bi-partisan deal passed out of the Senate Finance Committee to extend CHIP funding for another 5 years is facing new challenges in the House.
Now, the program’s future remains largely unknown. Without a reauthorization of the funding, all states are expected to run out of money within the year – some even as early as this December.  Congress must act fact to pass a ‘clean’ bill extending CHIP funding to ensure the program continues without disruption.

TAKE ACTION: Contact your members of Congress and urge them to take action immediately to reauthorize CHIP funding. Tell them that nearly nine million children – including over 200,000 Ohio children – and their families are depending on them to extend funding for the program without attaching reauthorization to other health care programs – like Medicaid or the ACA – or making structural changes to the program, such as rollbacks of funding or eligibility. Congress must make CHIP reauthorization a priority! 

For more context about what’s at stake if the funding expires, read a guest blog on the Women’s Public Policy Network website from an Ohio mom and advocate who shared her family’s story with CHIP benefits. Read the full post here.