Nearly two-thirds of working women in Ohio are the sole, primary or co-bread winners for their families, yet workplace policies across the state are still rooted in a bygone era when gender roles were very different. Making our policies match the realities of working women and families is long overdue. Our state – and country as a whole – severely lacks vital policies that would play a significant role in closing the gap of inequality and breaking down the barriers that hold back far too many women from achieving true economic self-sufficiency for themselves and their families.

Who we are:

The Ohio Women’s Public Policy Network (WPPN) is a coalition un-like any other group in the state. Formed in 2015 and convened by Innovation Ohio Education Fund, the WPPN pulls together more than 25 key advocacy organizations focused on promoting policies that create economic security for women and strengthen Ohio families. Using a collective voice that represents the women of our state, this network works to ensure that public policy reflects the true needs of women and families.

What we stand for:

In order to make a meaningful impact, The Women’s Public Policy Network believes that policymakers must advance public policy that addresses the following issue areas:

  1. Promoting an economic security agenda for women
  2. Ensuring fairness and opportunity in the workplace
  3. Improving women’s health and well-being
The work of the Ohio Women’s Public Policy Network is made possible by generous support from the Women’s Fund of Central Ohio, and powered by Innovation Ohio Education Fund – the convener of the coalition.