Over the last few decades, women have made great strides in workforce participation and educational attainment. However, women – particularly women of color – still face substantial barriers to achieving economic self-sufficiency and are more likely than men to remain at risk of economic insecurity at all stages of their lives. Workplace policies have not kept pace with the changing dynamics of the American workforce and often fail to reflect the multi-faceted role that many women play as both caregivers and breadwinners for their families. Ohio lacks many foundational policies that would promote full economic prosperity and opportunity for women – holding back women, families, and our state as a whole.

Who we are:

The Ohio Women’s Public Policy Network is a coalition unlike any other group in the state. Formed in 2015 as a program of the Innovation Ohio Education Fund, we bring together nearly 40 organizations to collaboratively advocate for public policies that build economic opportunity for women and families. We are united by a shared vision for Ohio in which all women – particularly women of color and other marginalized women – have the resources to thrive and opportunity to lead economically secure, safe, and healthy lives.

What we stand for:

Equity is pivotal to our mission as a coalition and should remain a fundamental consideration in all policy creation. We recognize that, historically, our country’s laws and policies have reinforced and perpetuated gender discrimination, structural and institutional racism, and bias against marginalized communities. The Women’s Public Policy Network is dedicated to confronting and addressing these barriers by working to advance policies that create fair opportunity and equal prosperity for women and families.

We believe that the measure of success for our state and communities is in large part determined by the success of Ohio’s women. Therefore, policymakers must advance public policies centered in equity, fairness, and justice that address the following issue areas: 

  1. Promoting an economic security agenda for women; 
  2. Ensuring fairness and opportunity in the workplace; and 
  3. Improving women’s health and well-being
The work of the Ohio Women’s Public Policy Network is made possible by generous support from the Women’s Fund of Central Ohio and powered by Innovation Ohio Education Fund, the convener of the coalition.