One of the most powerful ways that you can take action to support proactive policies for women and families is to tell your personal story. Our Story Bank showcases the stories of real Ohioans, sharing how they have benefited from access to pro-woman, pro-family legislation or how they been negatively impacted by lack of access to such policies.

Have you been forced to choose between a paycheck and caring for a loved one because you’re one of the millions of Americans without access to paid family leave?  Have you faced barriers in accessing reproductive healthcare services due to legislative restrictions that put lawmakers between women and their doctors?  Are you one of the many retail workers struggling to balance responsibilities at home and work because of unpredictable, just-in-time scheduling practices?

We want to hear from you, and highlight your story to make a difference in the policy landscape in Ohio.  Help us fight for commonsense, family-friendly legislation by adding your voice to our Story Bank.  

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