RELEASE: Women’s Public Policy Network Launches Voter Guide As Early Voting Continues in Ohio

October 26, 2022
Contact: Ambur Smith,, 414-581-2493

Women’s Public Policy Network Launches Voter Guide as Early Voting Continues in Ohio

COLUMBUS — Today, as early voting continues in Ohio, the Ohio Women’s Public Policy Network (WPPN) has launched a 2022 Midterm Election Voter Guide website. The guide provides voters with a nonpartisan, unbiased tool to understand where candidates for the Ohio House of Representatives and the Ohio Senate stand on policy issues affecting women and families.

“This election, as in every election, Ohio’s women and families have a lot on the line,” said Elizabeth Brown, Executive Director of the Ohio Women’s Public Policy Network. “Our newly launched Voter Guide aims to help connect voters to vital information about the issues important to women and their families, particularly women and families of color, because they deserve to know where candidates stand.”

The information published in the Voter Guide was obtained by a questionnaire sent to candidates in contested general races for the Ohio House of Representatives and the Ohio State Senate. The questions were crafted by network partners to help raise awareness of the candidates’ stances and priorities on the three main issue focus areas within the coalition’s shared policy agenda:

  1. Promoting economic security;
  2. Ensuring fairness and opportunity in the workplace; and
  3. Improving women’s health and wellbeing

“The candidates elected this year will play an important role in shaping statewide decisions on the economy, health care and abortion access, and addressing systemic racial inequities,” Brown continued. “Our Voter Guide is exactly the kind of informative tool voters want and need to understand where candidates in Ohio stand on crucial issues related to women’s economic security, workplace opportunity, and health.”

Candidate responses received by the initial deadline are searchable by district on the Voter Guide website. The guide indicates candidates who did not respond to the questionnaire, but WPPN will continue to update the guide with responses received by candidates up until the election on November 8th.

More information about the project and the full Voter Guide are available online at


The Ohio Women’s Public Policy Network is a coalition of nearly 40 organizations working collaboratively to advocate for public policy solutions that build economic opportunity for women and families. We are united by a shared vision: an Ohio in which all women – particularly women of color and low-income women – have the resources to thrive and opportunity to lead economically secure, safe, and healthy lives.