WPPN Testifies on Restrictive Overtime Pay Bill (SB 47)

WPPN Testifies on Restrictive Overtime Payment Bill (SB 47)

No matter what we do for a living, all of us work hard for our families and deserve a job where we are treated with dignity and respect. Over the last few decades, women have made great strides in workforce participation. However, women – particularly Black and brown women – still face substantial barriers to achieving economic self-sufficiency, in part due to workplace policies that hold back workers from reaching their full economic potential.

Now, lawmakers are proposing another barrier for certain Ohio workers: Senate Bill 47, which would add new restrictions to what is covered under state overtime payments while limiting the protections that are available to workers. While this bill will not impact all workers in Ohio, it does take steps to limit overtime payments for certain workers, including sectors that primarily employ women. This opens the door to future restrictions, setting a dangerous path for the wellbeing of Ohioans.

Read our full testimony, presented by our Managing Director Erin Ryan, calling for the House Commerce & Labor Committee to halt this legislation.

WPPN Testimony