State Legislative Scorecard

132nd General Assembly

The Women’s Public Policy Network created its Legislative Scorecard to monitor the bills crafted by state lawmakers and to evaluate how the state legislature’s work aligns with the network’s policy goals. This project aims to serve as a tool for organizations, partners, community leaders, and citizens to better understand the policies moving through the Ohio General Assembly. It also serves as a guide for policymakers to inform which bills they prioritize and how those bills can most positively impact the lives of women.

The Legislative Scorecard demonstrates how the Ohio legislature (composed of the 99-member House of Representatives and the 33-member Senate) performed on the policy goals outlined in the Women’s Public Policy Network’s shared policy agenda. The network released its first Legislative Scorecard in 2016 to evaluate the 131st General Assembly (2015 – 2016) and will release new reports at the end of each two-year General Assembly, as well as a Progress Report to evaluate the first year of progress from that General Assembly.

Women's Ecomonic Security Scorecard