Ohio’s Budget


The Ohio Women’s Public Policy Network Outlines an Ohio Budget That Supports, Prioritizes, and Invests in Women and Their Families

One of the first priorities of Governor DeWine and the 133rd General Assembly is to draft and implement a new two-year biennial budget for the state of Ohio. The state budget is the most important legislation to the operation of our state government, and it is a reflection of the state’s priorities and values.

The Ohio Women’s Public Policy Network strongly urges the governor and state legislature to enact a budget that supports, prioritizes, and invests in women. As the budget bill moves throughout the legislative process, we have continued to be a strong advocate for women and their families. Read more about our testimony on the budget bill:

Over the next few months, the Ohio House and Senate will hold public hearings on their substitute versions of the state budget bill, the most important piece of legislation for the operation of our state. This is an opportunity to share why it is important for our state to invest in programs like public child care, addressing maternal and infant mortality, and Medicaid expansion. Interested in testifying? Check the schedule below for updates about when hearings are taking place. Contact us for support with drafting and submitting testimony. 

  • Thursday, June 13 at 10:00 am – Public Testimony on Senate Budget Bill
  • Friday, June 14 at 9:30 am (slated to end at 5:00 pm) – Public Testimony on Senate Budget Bill
  • Monday, June 17 at 10:00 am (slated to end at 5:00 pm) – Public Testimony on Senate Budget bill

Click below to see our full list of 2019 budget priorities which includes the 10 key provisions that should be included in the state budget to provide women with the resources they need to live economically secure, safe, and healthy lives.