Stay engaged, involved, and up-to-date: Week of 07/10/17

In our weekly updates from the Women’s Public Policy Network, we highlight some of the work our partners have been up to this week, share updates on bills affecting women that are moving at the Statehouse, and provide a call to action on proactive bills pending in the Legislature. Sign up for our email list to receive these updates in your inbox every week!



The United State of Women (USOW) is a megaphone organization for gender equality. Launched at The USOW Summit in June 2016, their Galvanize Program is a nationwide effort to turn the passion of women across the country into strategic action. Ohio will host a Galvanize mini-summit August 12 & 13.
These Summits are meant to mobilize, inspire, and empower women with the tools to lead in their local communities. Participants will be trained to take action today to change tomorrow by exploring issues that impact gender equality and a broad set of national and local policies that impact women and their communities. Are you in? Register online today!

This week, Hamilton County Clerk of Courts Aftab Pureval made headlines with the introduction of three new policy changes for his employees: a $16 an hour minimum wage, a new paid family leave policy, and LGBTQ protections.
These kinds of supportive workplace policies are critical to the economic security of Ohio women and working families!  Read more.

We are tracking the progress of any state bills affecting women in the Ohio Legislature for the 132nd General Assembly. Since the Legislature is officially on summer recess, we have no new updates for this week and expect it to be quiet at the state-level until they are back in session.
We will keep tracking any new updates and will be sharing timely legislative updates on these and other women-centric legislation on Twitter using the #OHLeg hashtag. Follow us to stay up-to-date on what’s happening at the Statehouse.

We joined advocates rallying in support of protecting Medicaid at the Statehouse last week ahead of the vote by the Ohio House to override a number of vetoes related to the Ohio Medicaid program. Fortunately, the House did not take a vote on Kasich’s veto of the Medicaid expansion enrollment freeze, however  they did override a number of other provisions that will have harmful impacts on access to healthcare.
The Senate did not hold session to vote on these veto overrides, so for now, we’ll have to wait and see what happens in the legislature and continue to keep an eye on any movement with the veto process. Find out more.

The new version of the federal bill to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was released on Thursday by Senate Republicans, and it’s even more disastrous for women. It still has many of the same harmful provisions as the original bill, including the drastic cuts to Medicaid.
It’s still unclear as to how Senator Portman would vote on the bill, so we need to let him know how devastating this bill would be for Ohioans. Call Senator Portman at (202) 224-3353 and urge him to oppose the bill. Use our Advocacy Toolkit to support your efforts!