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Americans Need REAL Paid Leave
The United States falls behind the rest of the world when it comes to paid leave. But that may soon change as momentum on paid leave continues to gain traction among workers, employers, and lawmakers.
Last week, the U.S. Senate Finance Committee held a bipartisan hearing on exploring the importance of paid family leave for American working families. The hearing made one thing clear: There is bipartisan consensus on the need for paid leave, but the details matter for the kind of legislation our country’s policymakers ultimately enact.
During the hearing, Vicki Shabo, Vice President for Workplace Policies and Strategies at the National Partnership for Women & Families, showcased the importance of advancing an inclusive, comprehensive policy – such as the FAMILY Act. She draws on the experiences of social insurance plans currently operating in a number of states. 
“These states set important examples as Congress considers how to make paid leave available for the more than 100 million working people – 85 percent of the workforce – who do not have paid family leave at their jobs right now. These are sons and daughters, mothers and fathers, husbands and wives who too often are forced to make heartbreaking choices involving work and financial stability, family responsibilities, and providing or receiving care.

Lack of access to paid leave is particularly challenging for people who work in industries and occupations that pay low wages, for workers of color and for women, who continue to handle most caregiving for their families and suffer direct and indirect economic penalties that last into retirement. And it is not just these individuals and families who feel the effects of the country’s paid leave gaps, but businesses, social service providers, health systems and our economy too.”

The FAMILY Act is the kind of paid leave policy that American workers – and employers – need, want, and deserve. It provides access to ALL workers, whether they need leave to care for and bond with a new child, provide care to an aging or ill family member, or address their own medical emergency. And it doesn’t provide the false choice between paid leave and retirement security. Read Vicki’s full testimony here.

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The Ohio Women’s Public Policy Network & Partners – A Panel Discussion on Advancement & Innovation in Women’s Health

Date: Tuesday, July 31
Time: 11:45 am – 1:00 pm
Location: The YWCA Columbus, Wolfe Room
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We are tracking the progress of any state bills affecting women in the Ohio Legislature for the 132nd General Assembly. The Senate held limited committee hearings and convened for session last week to take up the payday lending reform bill, but House and Senate are both out on recess this week.

  • HB 123 (Koehler, Ashford) – Lending Laws: Puts limits on payday lenders. Approximately 60 percent of all payday loan customers are women, and payday loan use is especially high among single mothers. The Senate Finance Committee held a sixth hearing on the bill last week, reporting the bill out of committee and sending it to the full Senate for consideration. The Senate convened for session to take up the bill and passed it by a 21-9 vote. The bill passed in the Senate differs slightly from the original bill passed in the House, so the bill will now head back to the House for reconciliation when they return from recess in September.
We will keep tracking any new updates and will be sharing timely legislative updates on women-centric legislation on Twitter using the #OHLeg hashtag. Follow us to stay up-to-date on what’s happening at the Statehouse.

Last week, President Trump announced that he is nominating Judge Brett Kavanaugh to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy on the United States Supreme Court. During the campaign, Trump made a promise to only appoint Justices who would overturn Roe v. Wade; his SCOTUS nominee could put access to safe and legal abortion on the line.

We must make our voices heard to Ohio’s two U.S. Senators – Rob Portman and Sherrod Brown – to let them know that this nomination is the wrong pick for the Court and for our country.

Contact Senators Portman and Brown, and urge them to reject Judge Kavanaugh’s appointment. Tell them that he would put reproductive, labor, immigration, LGBTQ, and civil rights at risk.
  • Senator Portman: (202) 224-3353
  • Senator Brown: (202) 224-2315