Stay engaged, involved, and up-to-date: 02/05/2018 Weekly Review

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Last week, to mark the 25th anniversary of the Family Medical Leave Act, we worked with partners to host a screening of the documentary Zero Weeks: Exploring America’s Paid Leave Crisis. The film showed the human cost of not having a paid leave standard in the United States and provided an insider look at the growing momentum on paid leave across the country.
Following the screening, Heather Whaling, paid leave advocate and CEO of Geben Communication, moderated a conversation with Representative Kristin Boggs, Representative Janine Boyd, and Senator Charleta Tavares to discuss their work at the state level to advance paid family and medical leave legislation in the Ohio House and Senate. Find out more about how you can get involved with the efforts to enact a paid leave policy here in Ohio.

“With the 2018 legislative session in full swing, lawmakers are once again moving forward with a number of other bills that would further restrict access to abortion care. In fact, two of these bills (both of which have already passed out of one chamber) will receive committee hearings this upcoming week.”
These kinds of bills that access to abortion care would have a direct impact on women’s health and economic security. Read our full blog post and find out how you can take action against harmful restrictions on abortion and reproductive health care here.


Planned Parenthood Advocates of Ohio – SB145 Committee Crowd Build 
Tuesday, February 13, 2018
1:30 PM – 3:30 PM
Ohio Statehouse, Room 114
1 Capitol Square, Columbus, OH 43215
The Ohio House Criminal Justice Committee will hold the the third hearing for opponent testimony for Senate Bill 145, a bill to ban the most common method of second-trimester abortion, dilation, and evacuation (D&E). 
Senate Bill 145 is another abortion ban to limit safe, legal abortion in the state of Ohio. Lawmakers hostile to abortion are forcing themselves in the private decision between a patient and doctor – if passed Senate Bill 145 will mark the 21st restriction under Kasich’s anti-reproductive health care administration and move one step closer to eliminate abortion access in the state of Ohio. Find out more here.
Visit our Partner Events Calendar for more details on future events hosted by our coalition partners across the state.

We are tracking the progress of any state bills affecting women in the Ohio Legislature for the 132nd General Assembly. The legislature is back in session for 2018. Here are some updates from this past week and a look ahead at activity to watch for in the House and Senate:
  • HB 302 (Boggs, Antonio) – Pregnant Minors: Allows for a pregnant minor to have consent to her own health care decisions during her pregnancy, such as receiving an epidural during delivery. A substitute version of the bill was accepted by the Committee, which excludes consent for abortion care. The House Health Committee will hold a second hearing on the bill for proponent testimony this upcoming Wednesday, February 14. The Committee will meet at 9:00 AM in Statehouse Room 121. 
  • HB 355 (Hill, Rezabek) – Sexting: This bill would prohibit ‘sexting’ by anyone under the age of 21 and require every county in Ohio to create a sexting educational diversion program aimed at helping first time offenders under 21 convicted of sending sexually explicit materials of a minor. The House Criminal Justice Committee will hold a first hearing on the bill for sponsor testimony this upcoming Tuesday, February 13. The Committee will meet at 1:30 PM in Statehouse Room 114.
  • HB 468 (Perales, Boyd) – Military Leave: Would grant full-time state employees paid leave for the purpose of attending medical examinations and appointments provided through the United States Department of Veterans Affairs. The House Armed Services, Veterans Affairs & Homeland Security Committee will hold a first hearing on the bill for sponsor testimony this upcoming Wednesday, February 14. The Committee will meet at 4:00 PM (or after House Session) in Statehouse Room 116. 
  • HB 492 (Gonzales) – State Procurement: Establishes the women-owned business enterprise program, which would require state agencies to establish goals for procurement of women-owned businesses. The bill was introduced in the House last week.
  • SB 28 (Uecker) – Abortion: Would require fetal remains from a surgical abortion at an abortion facility to be disposed of by cremation or burial. The bill was passed out of the full Senate by a 24-9 vote in January and will receive a second hearing for proponent testimony in the House Health Committee this upcoming Wednesday, February 14. The Committee will meet at 9:00 AM in Statehouse Room 121.
  • SB 145 (Huffman, Wilson) – Abortion Method Ban: Bans the safest and most common procedure for abortions in the second trimester. The House Criminal Justice Committee will hold a third hearing for opponent testimony this upcoming Tuesday, February 13. The Committee will meet at 1:30 PM in Statehouse Room 114.
We will keep tracking any new updates and will be sharing timely legislative updates on these and other women-centric legislation on Twitter using the #OHLeg hashtag. Follow us to stay up-to-date on what’s happening at the Statehouse.

No one should be forced to choose between caring for a loved one and earning a paycheck. Unfortunately, that is the reality for far too many Ohio families lacking access to paid family leave.
That’s why Ohio lawmakers are taking action. State Representatives Kristin Boggs and Janine Boyd and State Senator Charleta Tavares recently announced that they will be introducing statewide paid family and medical leave legislation in the Ohio House and Senate.
Use our advocacy tools to contact your legislators and urge them to co-sponsor the Ohio Family and Medical Leave Insurance Program:
Visit our Paid Leave landing page on our website for more information about the issue and how to get involved.