As many members of Congress fail to answer the call for constituent input on the ACA repeal, advocates are taking matters into their own hands:

Federal lawmakers are moving forward with plans to ‘repeal and replace’ the Affordable Care Act (ACA) — or Obamacare — leaving many Ohioans worried about their healthcare coverage.

These concerned citizens have called upon members of Congress to hold town hall meetings next week when Congress is out of session and lawmakers return home to their districts.

Unfortunately, very few members of Congress have answered the call to hear constituent input. That’s why advocates have taken it upon themselves to host town hall meetings or community events where Ohioans will have the opportunity to share their stories about the importance of the ACA. You can find an event near you here.

The repeal of the ACA would jeopardize healthcare coverage for millions of Americans, and would hit women particularly hard. The ACA has made health coverage affordable for many low- and middle-income women and families, and has provided protections from sex discrimination women faced regularly with healthcare in pricing, in coverage, and in access to care. Earlier this month, we released an ACA Fact Sheet on what’s at stake for women if the ACA is repealed to lay out all that women stand to lose.

Use this guide to get informed on how women would be harmed under an ACA repeal, and then follow our action steps to make your voice heard. And then be sure to sign up for our email alerts to stay informed and engaged on the push to protect healthcare, and other legislative issues impacting women.